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Handsome man, waving. Not what Carl looks like, but imagine.

Carl Mann, Software Developer

Are you looking to create your next product using modern software development?

My expertise in JavaScript, Node JS, React JS, Gatsby JS, and a whole lot more JS's (JavaScript libraries) can help you not only get your product to market faster, but with less errors and more resiliency, while also improving usability and functionality.

JavaScript, really?

Almost since web development became a thing, JavaScript (JS) has been in the background wiring web apps to make stuff happen. HTML provides the structure, CSS provides styling, and JS provides not only the (advanced) interactivity – but with the advent of Node (server-side JS), now JS can power the entire stack.

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You want more details? This page is available as an open-source repository. There, you can read the technical specifications on how this page was created. Visit my GitHub page to get the source for this React-Gatsby application as well as some other code samples.
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Multi-Faceted Skill Set

wow.. look at the tech


Languages: CSS, HTML, JavaScript (client and Node), (limited PHP)
Frameworks & Templating: React, jQuery, Handlebars, Pug, (limited Backbone), WordPress
Databases: MySQL, Mongo, Access
Tools: VS Code, Atom, ToDoList, Kanboard, Git
Server Side / API: Node, Express, Feathers
Methodologies: Agile, BDD, TDD (Jest, Mocha), NPM, Cross-browser compatibility, Responsive design, CSS Media Queries

Server Management

Servers: IIS, Apache, XAMPP
Interfaces: Linux CLI, PM2
DevOps: Docker, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, Linode, Vagrant, Azure, Heroku, CapRover

Desktop & Design

Productivity: Windows, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, (limited Mac) Microsoft Office Suites, Exchange Server, QuickBooks
Raster Graphics: Adobe Photoshop, GIMP
Vector Graphics: Affinity Designer, DrawPlus, CorelDraw, InkScape
Video/Animation: Sony Movie Studio, AnimeStudio

...and hundreds more!

The Human Element

Your clients and customers have feelings. While advances in artificial intelligence have made detecting human emotion and simulating real responses better, they are still very much artificial.

I am a real person with real humor, real understanding, and real empathy. I like communicating with people, understanding their issues, and helping resolve them.



My workstation is equipped with modern specifications and software, including an HD screen, tons of RAM, SSD storage, and an up-to-date development IDE.

Versatile Schedule

Typically, I'm a morning person and prefer the "up and at 'em" lifestyle. Nevertheless, I'll complete tasks at times in tune with your team, and in your time frame.

English Native

Born and raised on Long Island, N.Y, I had the advantage of learning English since birth, and have an expert knowledge in this lingua franca.

Flexible Roles

  • Graphic Designer
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Marketer
  • Web Designer
  • Project Manager
  • Photo Editor
  • Copy Editor
  • Data Processor
  • Admin. Assistant
  • Internet Researcher
  • Customer Support Agent
  • Telephone Support Agent
  • Copywriter
  • Application Tester
  • Email Support Agent
  • Technical Support Agent
  • Full-Stack Developer
  • Order Processor
  • Video Editor
  • Database Admin
  • Chat Support Agent
Docker developer
HTML, JavaScript, & CSS
Mongo master
WordPress wiz